Design & Development

Web development differs from web design because development involves coding which interacts directly with the server and database; however, client-side coding will interact with the viewerís web browser. When an application must be made, HTML will only help with the actual displaying of the content. Web development is the coding that allows for websites to pull information from database, provide intense calculations and even send email.
From social networks to content management systems, web development is essential. Depending on the server’s operating system and the properly installed libraries, development can be done using:


Web design can be broken down into many facets. The most important includes:

  • Layout: The general layout of a website must be user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. From drafting to graphic creation, the layout is what will keep users on a website long enough to read your content or buy your products.
  • Functionality: What and how will users utilise a website? This is everything from user account creation to sending an email to customer service. The functionality may be minimal where users can simply view content or purchase a product, or it can be a system that is custom developed to meet a client’s needs.
  • Compatibility: The way that a website looks to users utilising different browsers and screen sizes is of the utmost importance. The right approach will allow a site to be viewed on any browser or screen resolution without stretched images, scrolling or unreadable fonts.

Web design can also include the following:

  • Standard CMS: The use of WordPress, Drupal or a variety of other content management systems. These systems allow the design process to be completed rapidly and offer plugins to further enhance and manage a website.
  • Custom CMS: Custom development allows for a completely unique content management system to be put in place. This will be used for unique applications wherein a standard CMS will not be possible, or when a standard CMS simply has too much bloat to be a viable option.

The design process is intricate and working with an experienced web designer will ensure that a website has the functionality, ease-of-use and layout needed by viewers. Every website is unique and must not only look pleasing, but meet the expectations of the client’s target audience.

The moment a person lands on your site, there is less than 10 seconds to retain their attention. Using the wrong design techniques will:

  • Cause your site to be slow
  • Make viewing your site in different browsers impossible
  • Cost you valuable leads
  • Cost more money to maintain
  • Require you to always rely on a web designer for minor updates
  • Reduce your chances of online success
  • Lower your rankings in the search engines

At WAC Web Guy, we adhere to the best design practices to ensure that your website is ready for viewers. Our web design services includes the following:


Mobile & Tablet Friendly

Today, over 50% of Internet users are finding products and services using smart phones and tablets rather than their desktops. Without a responsive design, your online content is difficult to access for these users, greatly reducing your company’s exposure. Our products will automatically detect the device size and software to deliver the best possible user experience.


78% of the U.S. population purchased something online last year. Not only is only shopping trendy, it’s convenient and makes your product or service accessible from anywhere. When you are ready to take your storefront online, we can help.

Industry Apps

Web Applications significantly improve the accessibility of content. We can help you create a beautiful and intuitive user experience for any app you would like to build.


We strive to build beautiful websites that reflect the vision and the integrity of your work. Great design should be pretty… and so much more. Our websites are designed with sincerity and purpose so that each element is working to build your brand and help your customers connect with your products and services.

Information Architecture

To structure content effectively, it is vital to define accurate user profiles and each of their goals. We will combine your business knowledge with our years of design and marketing experience to build an appealing and informative experience for your customers.

User Experience

Statistically, the amount of time a user will spend on your website directly relates to number of clicks, scrolling, color scheme and load time. We consider the customer’s journey from the moment they reach your website. By creating clear paths and a well-planned information architecture, we can create positive experiences for your customers every time they visit your website.


Small businesses have a tendency to overlook the importance of social media. They may have a Facebook page and a Twitter account, but their posts are inconsistent and they rarely interact or connect with their audience. Social media presents businesses with a unique opportunity to directly connect and interact with their local target customer, yet so many business leave the opportunity on the table.

It’s difficult to run a business and focus on social media at the same time. At Lubbock Web Guy, we specialise in social media management and strive to help our clients make their social efforts a success. We focus on managing your social campaigns, so you can focus on what you do best ñ running your business.